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To The Prospective Puppy Buyer


Let me start off by saying that I am a hobby breeder.  My whole purpose for breeding is to breed a better Chihuahua, to work towards the betterment of the breed in general, and to do what is in the best interest of the dogs.  I am not in the puppy business and I do not depend on the sale of puppies to be able to pursue my hobby or to supplement my income.  Any of the proceeds that I may get from the sale of a puppy goes for kennel expenses.  The fact that I may have litters at any given time doesnít necessarily mean that the puppies are for sale.

With the aforementioned in mind, each litter is bred with the hopes that the puppies will be of show and/or breeding quality.  I research pedigrees of my breeding stock and those of stud dogs outside of my kennel in order to achieve my goals.  In a perfect world, all of what I breed would be of that quality but in reality, some turn out to be of pet quality.  Those I will place in loving homes.

In the event that a puppy becomes available as a pet, the prospective buyer needs to be screened by me before being invited to the kennel.  I insist on meeting the new owner face to face and would like to meet the entire family if possible before letting a puppy go.  I do not ship pets to people I have not met and donít sell a dog just because someone is willing to pay my asking price.  I have on occasion placed pets out of my area when people were willing to fly in and pick up the dog.  I have also on occasion brought a puppy out of my area to meet with a prospective buyer in a place where I had already planned on going to.  I am in a financial position to support my dogs without placing them in a less than desirable situation and I have turned people away if I didnít think it was in the best interest of the dog.

I let all prospective buyers know when first contacted that most of what I place as pets are males.  I do occasionally place a female if and only if she is not of show or breeding quality.  If they are being sold as pets, they are not to be used in a breeding program for any reason.  All pets are either spayed or neutered prior to leaving my premises along with a sales contract stipulating:


1.   A non-refundable deposit is required up front to cover the cost of spaying or neutering if the dog has not yet already been altered.  The balance will be due when the new owner takes possession of the dog. 

2.   If for any reason during the lifetime of the dog that the new owner cannot keep or no longer wants the dog, it must first be offered back to me. I will always take my dogs back regardless of the reason. I will do all in my power to prevent my dogs from getting into a situation where they need to be rescued.

3.   All dogs leave my premises with a health guarantee.

4.   A detailed record on inoculations will be given at the time of the sale.

5.   An AKC Certificate or application will be issued once the balance due has been paid and the new buyer has taken possession of the dog

6.   All legal costs incurred to enforce the contract will be paid by the buyer and that any legal disputes will be resolved in the General District Court of Darlington County, South Carolina.

The conditions of the sales and prices are not negotiable.  I price my dogs according to their quality and will not publish them on this site.  If you are interested in looking into the possibility of purchasing a pet quality puppy from me, please feel free to e-mail me or contact me by letter or phone.


What to Look For in a Breeder

1.   First and foremost, find a hobby breeder.  (One that shows their dogs and is not in it for the money)

2.   A good breeder will want to know as much about you and your situation as you do about him/her and wonít sell you the dog just because you have the money.

3.   When invited into the breederís home or kennel, observe the dogs for temperament and their general wellbeing.

4.   Ask how long he/she has been involved in breeding dogs.

5.   Expect the breeder to put all of the conditions of the sale in writing.

6.   A good breeder will give a health guarantee and a detailed health record.

1.   An ethical breeder will be willing to take back the dog in the event that the new owner can no longer keep or no longer wants the dog.


Things to Watch Out for While Looking to Purchase a Puppy

Avoid the following:

1.   Breeders that advertise a variety of sizes such as teacup, toy, miniature, pocket, etc.  There is no such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua.

2.   Those that advertise registries such as APR, AAR, ACA, CKC (Continental Kennel Club), WWKC.  These registries do not maintain the standards of the AKC (American Kennel Club)

3.   Breeders that advertise one price for registered puppies and a lower one for those without papers.  Ethical breeders do not sell puppies without documentation.

4.   Breeders that sell puppies that are less than 8 weeks old. 

5.   Breeders that advertise puppies for sale over the internet and will ship puppies anywhere as long as people can afford to pay the asking price.

6.   Breeders that advertise more than two breeds for sale.

7.   Breeders that sell puppies at Flea Markets, shopping mall parking lots, or at the side of the road.


Purchasing a dog is not like buying an item in a department store that you can return if it is defective. People form attachments to their pets in very short periods of time.  The dog becomes a member of the family and because of this people sometimes set themselves up for heartache by purchasing an unhealthy animal from an unethical breeder.  Because of this attachment, some people wonít return the dog even if it was stipulated in the sales agreement if there was one. 



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