Dew Claw Removal

As published in the August-September, 2007 issue of Los Chihuahuas



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1. To do this job, I use straight mosquito forceps. As shown in the picture, I place them as close as possible.


2. Clamp down on the dew claw with the mosquito forceps.


3. With your finger push the dew claw laterally and it will come right off.



4. Leave it clamped for approximately one minute to prevent bleeding.



5. Once I remove the clamp, I like to take some liquid silver nitrate on a cotton swab and cauterize the removal site. Some people do the same thing with silver nitrate sticks or even styptic powder.


6. At this point, the job is done and time to move on to the next one. What I usually do is to wait for about another minute to make sure that it is not bleeding. Bleeding is usually not a problem, however sometimes it occurs. In that case take a dry cotton swab and clean of the area and apply some pressure and re-apply the silver nitrate.






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